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Navigating the transitions in Motherhood: Let's do it together!

Hi! I'm Lauren :)

I am a multi-passionate mompreneur and mother of two children, Madison and Liam. I am a writer, chef, cookbook author and certified holistic health coach. Before motherhood, I spent my time making healthy, nutritious food for my clients and the world around me. Since becoming a mother, I consider myself a chef of a different sort, one where my culinary and health coaching expertise serve up nutritious meals for the soul. 

You see, when I gave birth to my first child, my daughter, Madison, in 2016, my passion morphed into a mission to serve other mamas in their new role as the CEO of another human’s life. Because you know what? I don’t remember getting a course in that. No. I remember there being a lot of support around pregnancy and what to eat and what not to eat and what to put on the baby registry and what gadgets were absolutely necessary and which ones were not.

You know what I don’t remember? I don’t remember anyone having a conversation with me about child proofing my relationship before baby arrived. I don’t remember anyone telling me to make sure I had a conversation with my partner about the division of labor once our little bundle of joy arrived. I don’t remember anyone telling me that when I birthed my first child, so too would I birth another person: Myself, The Mother. And I don’t remember anyone telling me that this birth would come with confusing feelings of grief and loss of my old identity as I grew into my new one. I also don’t remember anyone explaining what was happening to my body as it healed from childbirth, so you can imagine my surprised when I saw my intestines swimming around under my belly due to a relatively serious case of diastasis recti that my midwife shrugged off as part of a new normal.

Mamas? We deserve better. Better support in all areas – physically, spiritually and emotionally – as we transition into motherhood and continue our metamorphosis as our children grow. This podcast exists in order to do just that: Support. Serve. I see you, mama! I’ve got you.

Why You Should Join This Community

My intention for The Mom Feed podcast is the same as my intention is here in the community: to serve mothers. At The Mom Feed you will find a safe place - a judgement-free zone - for women to explore, learn, discover and get answers to burning questions and private thoughts they have about motherhood, some of which they may be afraid to ask or simply don't know who to ask them to. In this community, we facilitate real, raw, honest and compassionate conversations with each other as well as with leading experts in and around the field of all things pertaining to motherhood in order to help us modern mamas feel supported, empowered, accepted, seen and understood. Why? Because I want us all to be free to express the best versions of ourselves as mothers mentally, emotionally and physically.

And I don't know about you, but I don't think our health care system in set up to support mothers in this way. Once the baby is earth side, all focus shifts to baby and mama is just left to her own devices with no support on how to process the transformation she just went through. Because make no mistake about it: when you birthed or adopted that baby, mama, you also birthed someone else: YOU. The Mother. If you gave birth, that comes with a lot of physically changes and trauma. And whether you gave birth or adopted, the metamorphosis into motherhood comes with emotional and spiritual transformation, not all of it easy to navigate.

I want to change the conversation. I want to provide a virtual community for us mamas as we undergo all of the transitions and transformations that this life as mothers requires of us. 

Yes, motherhood is beautiful. But it's also hard. And it's ok to talk about it. In this community, we celebrate it all. All feelings are welcome and all feelings are meant and encouraged to be explored. We normalize the hard stuff here. The ugly and the no so nice to admit your feeling feelings that inevitably come with the territory of being a mom. No shame. No guilt. You feel resentful? You feel a sense of grief over the loss of your old life and your old identity? We hear you. We see you. I felt that way too.

In this community, we help women build self confidence from the inside out as they transition through the layers and phases of motherhood by given them a tool kit loaded with skills, information, tips, action items, resources and above all - a sisterhood and community - each other - so that they may embrace and dance with their own authenticity both as a mother and as an individual.

This community is an extension of our weekly podcast, a conversation after the show, if you will. Plus added bonuses to enhance your life as a mama that include:

✨ 2 monthly workouts exclusively made for The Mom Feed members

✨ 2 monthly live cooking videos with delicious but easy recipes for your entire family

✨ Weekly live Zoom sessions where we can all connect with each other to share our wins and challenges in real time, and get help from each other

✨ Access to mini masterclasses from experts in various fields related to motherhood. This classes take a deep dive into specific topics pertaining to all things motherhood.

✨Exclusive access to sit it on podcast interviews as they are happening so that you have the opportunity to ask guests questions in real time! 

A Big Thanks

With every one of you who joins this community, you are being a part of the change we need to see in how we care for the mothers in this world. 

Additionally, in joining this community you are contributing to the continuation of the weekly podcast so that we may continue to put out information for mamas that will enhance their lives.

It's a win win all around, and I would be honored to have you join this amazing community. See you inside!